The summaryAPI creates short summaries of textual content

automated summaries

The rise of mobile devices presents an obstacle for users and publishers attempting to deliver long-form content. Stremor creates a summarization framework for both users and publishers to demonstrate its capabilities.

Content summarization and reduction requires the ability to extract the important elements of a document. Liquid Helium applies language indicators about cause, conclusion, relevance, and emotion, to apply accurate decisions about importance when reducing content length. This approach also enables topic-focused reductions based on the subject matter keywords provided by a user. Stremor’s TLDR technology delivers on this and is the most widely-adopted automated summarization tool for consumers on the Internet. 

knowledge management

The Liquid Helium Summary API delivers a rich set of summarization capabilities that can be easily customized for any knowledge management, enterprise search, CRM, CMS, or web publishing platform. 

Liquid Helium provides summaries of support tickets and content from an organization’s knowledge base. It extracts phone numbers, people, places, and other quantitative data elements from text sources. Liquid Helium summarizes e-mail threads and normalizes correspondence for big data analysis. Publishers can integrate Liquid Helium into a content management system to deliver mobile-optimized content without the necessity for multiple versions.

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Summary API F.A.Q.

Does the Summary API summarize only web pages or can it do documents, as well?
The Summary API is available in several forms. It allows users to send the API text, URL, or RSS feed URL to summarize all the articles in that feed.
How fast is the Summary API?
The Summary API summarizes a typical article in about a second. Longer documents can take up to 55 seconds. Typically something the length of a short novel will take up to 45 seconds.
Can I get summaries of different lengths?
Yes, but only through a premium licensing agreement. The Pro version of the API ranks the importance of each sentence on a 100 point scale. This allows users to pick a more desirable summary length. 
What are some typical uses of the Summary API?
The most common use for content summarization is to provide mobile users with concise summaries of breaking news in mobile apps such as Yahoo News (based on the Summly acquisition) and Stremor's TLDR Reader. The small-screen form factor of smartphones and typical use cases makes reading long-form content tedious. Delivering summaries on any content site makes a lot of sense for mobile users. Additional uses are:
  • Showing summaries of web pages, rather than snippets in search results for Internet and site search.
  • Utilizing summaries against specific topics or keywords in enterprise document management for improved discovery of archival material.
  • Summarize support tickets for efficient scanning by help desk personnel.
  • Summarize emails for more meaningful previews.
Where can I get the Summary API?

All of Stremor's APIs are available here on Mashape.

How much does it cost to use the Summary API?

Developers who are simply testing the API in preparation for a product deployment can get up to 150 monthly summaries for free.

The "basic" level of service allows up to 700 monthly API calls for $50.00 per month.

The "premium" level of service allows up to 12,000 API calls per month for $500.00.

Custom pricing and API features are available, just contact sales.

More questions?

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